Guest Titan: Autumn Reeser, Actor (The OC, Entourage, Hawaii Five-O, Sully, The Arrangement).

Tea of choice: Steam Tea’s Liquid Sunshine

What we cover: Autumn Reeser knew at a very young age exactly who she was meant to be — an actor. But despite this clarity, she has learned to face a sometimes cruel industry — the rejection, the heartbreak, the dashed hopes — with grace and perseverance. In the process of her journey, she has realized that the key to it all is learning, quite simply, to be kind to ourselves. You may know her as Taylor Townsend from the hit series The OC, or as Lizzy Grant from her two seasons on Entourage, or as Dr Gabby Asano in Hawaii Five-O. You may recognize her in the recently-released feature film Sully — starring Tom Hanks and Laura Linney. Regardless, there are a lot of reasons you might know Autumn Reeser. And her upcoming series The Arrangement is sure to be amazing.

Whatever our profession or path or passions, there’s unity in the theme of our stories. We fall, we get back up. And Autumn is no different. She has a really evolved perspective on things — on what it takes to continue on our climb. For example, Autumn made the decision early on that the process of going out on auditions would be empowering, not a time of vulnerability; another chance for her to hone her chops. Hers is a message that reminds us we all own our own perspective and can shift it in a flash.

And when we do find ourselves in times of darkness, Autumn shares her self-cleaning oven metaphor. In other words: Take some time completely on our own. And just shut the door, and purge out the goop.

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